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Acid Free Framing

In even the most beautifully framed art, there may be an unseen threat ready to destroy.

Naturally occurring acid in paper and framing materials can cause yellowing, deterioration and ruin not only the frame and mount board, but the art as well. Although it may look polished in the beginning, artwork that yellows and turns brittle won’t be worth displaying for long.

Framing art goes beyond composition and spacing; the materials used to frame art are equally important to maintaining beauty over time. Selecting framing materials that are acid-free will make a great difference in the longevity of framed artwork.

Bespoke Framing

With over 700 frame samples from most of the leading suppliers we work with you to select the correct frame, colours, mounts so you are totally happy with the result. 

Multi Aperture Mounts

With our multi photo frames you can select either rectangle or oval shaped apertures in various sizes to suit your photos. Creating a collage frame is easy and enables you to mount and frame multiple photos in one frame.


Using our range of bespoke frames we can frame mirrors with or without bevels.